We Solve The Most Common Challenges Business Owners Have



– What happens to me, my family and the business if I can no longer work?
– How do I know the right amount of risk to grow?
– How much personal risk is tied to my business?

  • Extinguish Red Flags
  • Evaluate Types of Capital
  • Analyze Financials
  • Illuminate GAPs
  • Address Business Interruption(s)
  • Gauge Readiness
  • Assess Owner Dependency


– How can we align my business and personal goals?
– What can I do to protect my business for my family?
– Will the sell of my business meet our financial needs?

  • Efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Revenues
  • Profits (manage PROFIT GAP)
  • Talent
  • Rewards
  • Expansion/Acquisitions


– What is the value of my business?
– How do I maximize the proceeds from the sale of my business?
– What are my exit options?

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Benchmarking Value
  • Answering 8 Key Questions
  • Building Capitals
  • Document & Integrate Processes
  • Tapering the VALUE GAP
  • 90 Day Sprints


– How do I fix my greatest barrier to growth?
– Does my team get it, want it, and capable of doing it?
– How do I know I am focused on the right metrics to grow my business?

  • Discover Life Plan
  • Install Safety Nets
  • Recognize WEALTH GAP(s)
  • Harvest Strategies
  • Family Legacy
  • Community Influence
About Us
We exist to help business owners achieve their business, personal, and financial goals. Our process (es) empower organizations to focus on relentless execution and achieve proven results. Whether you plan to exit the day-to-day or not, the business must be protected and prepared. Our team works with you to build a best-in-class organization.
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Arthur R. Riley Jr.

Managing Consultant CFP, CEPA

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Power CFO

David Yount

Consultant CEPA

We exist to help business owners achieve their business, personal, and financial goals.

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